Industry Focus


Our team of experts delivers attractive private capital strategies for institutional and High Net-Worth Individual (“HNI”) clients


Leveraging its execution track record, technical expertise and professional network, Àrgentil has taken the lead in setting up and developing investment and operating platforms to execute on opportunities in the energy space and other dynamic markets.

We are well positioned to provide
the following services:

Debt and Financial Restructuring

Advising clients on the optimal structuring of debt and equity finance, exploration risk finance, reserves development fund raising, syndication & commodity price hedging  

Commercial Intermediation

Offering advice on the various aspects of commercial transactions such as documentations, exit and entry strategy, corporate restructuring, petroleum economics & valuation etc

Project Coordination

Coordinating acquisition processes from initial economic modeling, fiscal analysis, due diligence, commercial structuring and negotiation as well as managing transaction processes

We deliver exceptional transaction expertise to our clients

Business Incubation

Àrgentil is also sponsoring a hybrid power solutions provider in Nigeria and its Canadian Joint Venture (“JV”) partner. The JV Company has been set up in Nigeria, to manufacture and supply industrial-sized power in a compact, modular lithium-ion battery system to provide back-up power to industrial and commercial entities at cost savings of up to 80% compared to expensive existing diesel powered generation.

It is estimated Nigeria generates between 4000 – 8000MW of off-grid generation which is as much as its actual generation and installed capacity respectively. The power solutions are applicable for achieving cost-savings in self-generation and energy efficiency for in grid-tied applications.

Future strategic partnerships with alternative and renewable energy suppliers including solar are being developed to provide off-grid and on-grid power to end users. Àrgentil will continuously seek to create platform companies which it incubates with strategic technical and operating partners in high growth sectors and markets.

Funds Under Management

Àrgentil Capital Partners (Àrgentil) currently manages N500m of Client funds in a dedicated Principal Investment Portfolio (PIP) and Client managed account. This investment portfolio is managed solely by Àrgentil under its Portfolio Manager license from the Nigerian Securities and Exchange Commission. To date, funds have been raised from High Net-Worth Individuals (“HNI”) and a US Family Trust.

The investment strategy provides short term financing to companies domiciled in Nigeria, with an acceptable risk-adjusted return. This entails constructing a balanced portfolio of mezzanine investments in companies that are currently income generating. Target investments include supporting companies to acquire assets for expansion, to finance existing supply contracts or company sales and similar investments where the route to cash flow is clear.

Target companies operate in key growth sectors including energy, infrastructure, including telecoms and real estate and consumer goods. Minimum investment is NGN50 million per transaction with an average financing of NGN100 million per investment.