Àrgentil Asset Management Limited (AAML)


Company Profile

Àrgentil Asset Management Limited (“AAML”) was incorporated in 2014, to deliver best-in-class asset management services within the real estate, energy and infrastructure sectors. The focus of the firm is to provide a diversified range of quality investment products and services in order to meet the needs of clients as well as its proprietary investment targets.

The firm with its collaborative, entrepreneurial spirit is committed to providing top tier investment solutions via a top-down, bottom-up approach to analysing investment alternatives for institutional, corporate and private investors in Nigeria and other parts of the world.



Feasibility & Financial Analysis

AAML performs focused real estate, energy and infrastructure research on behalf of clients using the company’s extensive database and industry network. It offers a range of services which include market research, demand and supply analysis and financial appraisal to ensure that clients only embark on projects that will achieve a successful outcome, both in financial fund raising and project execution.

Development Finance

The firm provides expert support in the conceptualization of real estate transactions including deal structuring, sourcing debt and equity for investments, determination of appropriate debt and equity structures and project viability analyses. The aim is to provide clients with a platform to maximize their real estate returns, whether they are medium or long-term investment outlook.


Development Asset Management

AAML performs strategic property portfolio analysis, for corporate clients who aim to improve the operating efficiencies of their real estate assets. The firm has helped turn around a few of Nigeria’s most traditional conglomerates by assisting them to make the best use of under-performing assets; and double the revenues from their assets without substantial additional capital.

The firm also provides development management expertise for real estate investments. A dedicated development management team makes certain that development projects are effectively and efficiently executed, to ensure investment objectives are achieved.


Proprietary Investments

The firm is positioned to leverage on its expertise and heightened knowledge of real estate, energy and infrastructure sectors to provide its clients with a unique range of proprietary investment opportunities in order to ensure investment targets are achieved. Through its principal investment portfolio, AAML invests its own funds in investment transactions to ensure both its and investors objectives are aligned. Its financial commitment to various projects underscores the belief in its research and analysis capacity which drives all decision making processes.