Oil and Gas - Upstream

Upstream activities include searching for underground or underwater oil & gas fields, drilling exploratory wells and operating the wells to recover crude oil or raw natural gas; appropriately summarized as exploration and production. Àrgentil provides upstream advisory, asset acquisition and divestment, mergers, fiscal regime, project viability and modelling transaction support.

We understand the fiscal and regulatory frameworks across Sub-Saharan Africa and have developed relationships with local and international banks, as well as regulatory agencies. Our understanding of both the macro and micro interactions of the upstream oil & gas markets, access to financial markets and expertise developed from past and ongoing transactions differentiate us significantly from other generalist investment banks and advisory firms.

We provide the following services for assets at any stage of development:

  • Technical and commercial due diligence in conjunction with our client and identification of potential upside
  • Ensuring that all necessary regulatory approvals are obtained
  • Financial and economic modeling for asset acquisition.
  • Developing, evaluating and recommending transaction structure.
  • Preparation of marketing materials
  • Identifying and qualifying potential buyers
  • Leading the capital raising effort.
  • Assist with final negotiations and legal documentation