Oil and Gas - Midstream

The midstream sector covers the marketing and transportation of crude oil and natural gas from extraction sites to refineries. Àrgentil provides midstream advisory, fiscal regime, project viability and modelling transaction support.

We understand the inner workings of the midstream oil & gas markets both on the macro and micro levels, we have access to financial markets, and have developed expertise from past and ongoing transactions; thereby significantly differentiating ourselves from other generalist investment banks and advisory firms.

We are well-positioned to provide the following services:

  • Commercial due diligence including assessment of current and potential market demand.
  • Management of the business case for a transaction and evaluating the impact of a transaction on a client’s long-term corporate/financial plan.
  • Project management services to ensure financial close.
  • Representing the client’s interest in all engagements relating to the investment to ensure that the intrinsic business value of the investment is maximized.
  • Assisting clients with review of project assumptions and providing the client end-to-end support until financial close.